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By Hemant Kamat, CTO, Shalaka Technologies

This topic would focus on the explosion of electronics in the automotive domain. Till recent times automotive was dominated by Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, but with advancement in Electronics and research being done on Automotive Electronics,


  • Importance of Electronics in Automotive                                                            
  • Protocols used in Automotive Electronics like CAN/LIN
  • OBDII  – What is OBDII , Advantages , Challenges , Use Cases , RoadMap
  • Telematics and its Advantages
  • Car to Car communication and its applications
  • Car to Anything Communication and its applications
  • Implementation of various technologies in Automotive Industry
  • Future and Road Map for Smart Automotive
  • Case Studies of the Automotive World

 Key takeaways:

  • Understanding importance of Electronics in the Automotive World
  • Understanding importance of Deterministic Data in Automotive World
  • Advantages of Predictive and Preventive Analysis
  • Plan roadmap towards Smart Automotive

Speaker Profile:

Hemant Kamat

Hemant Kamat (Chief Technology Officer)–A passionate Embedded Systems Engineer withdesign, development and corporate training experience of 30 years. Deep expertise in IndustrialInstrumentation and Control, M2M, Internet of Things(IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), Location based Services, Automatic authentication, RFID, Biometrics, GPS. Worked on projects in Energy
 Harvesting, Building Management System, Facility Monitoring System, Weather Monitoring, Pollution Monitoring, Home and Industrial LED Lighting. Exposure to Automotive Electronics,Telematics, ADAS, TPMS, Outdoor and Indoor LED Lighting, ORVM,Infotainment System.Passionate about Factory Automation using IIoT, RFID/NFC. Developed India’s first battery
operated, microprocessor based weather station for the Data Buoy project at NIO
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