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By Kedar Sovani, Staff Manager, Marvel

HomeKit is Apple’s framework for controlling and managing smart home devices from your iOS apps. On one end HomeKit allows iOS app developers to write rich applications that can work with any HomeKit device, while on the other end OEM can focus on their devices leaving the rich integrations part to the more advanced iOS app developers. This talk discusses the HomeKit architecture, end-user workflows and the considerations for building a HomeKit enabled product.

Key takeaways:                                                                                                   

  • Understanding Apple HomeKit and its value proposition
  • Considerations for building Apple HomeKit based products.

Speaker Profile:

Kedar Sovani has 14 years of experience in Linux kernel, Systems software, and IoT. He was the former maintainer of Fedora-ARM project. His technical articles on popular kernel websites have helped numerous developers learn advanced concepts in kernel programming. He has mentored several engineering projects. For the past 7 years, he has been working in the Wi-Fi IoT team at Marvell. This work is currently powering millions of IoT devices deployed in the field. Kedar works as a Staff Manager at Marvell.



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