By S.K Sinha, Co-founder, Lab to Market

The tutorial starts wit brief introduction to RISC and then moves on to Introduction to ARM Processor, ARM Cortex-M3/M4 Processor System.Then the speaker elaborates on the Key features, Operation Modes and States, Registers, Floating-point operation, Memory Model, Bit Band operations and Exceptions and Interrupts. The tutorial wil then focus on Power Management and brief introduction to Instruction Set.

Speaker Profile:

Professor Sinha joined the faculty of Indian Institute of Science in 1985 and retired from CEDT, IISc in 2011His main areas of research are Power Electronics and Drives and Embedded Systems.Most of his R&D effort has been directed towards solving real life problems from industry and contributions have been made to the transportation sector, mining sector, steel rolling mills, lighting electronics and embedded computing.His belief in the potential of academic research to create wealth led him to co-found this venture – LAB TO MARKET.


For Further detail contact: S.K Sinha-8396000340

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