The Big Picture

  • Team EFY 

EFY Conferences (EFYCON) started as a tiny 900-footfall community conference in 2012, going by the name of Electronics Rocks. Within four years it grew into “India’s largest, most exciting engineering conference,” and was awarded as the most important IoT global event in 2016 by Postscapes. More than 10,000 excited people (techies, design engineers, developers, entrepreneurs, investors) flew in to be part of this event at India Electronics Week in 2016.

In 2017, you can be part of the thousands joining our community as we build the next revolutionary platform for technologists.

No longer a singular conference, over 11 independent conferences are being developed and co-located to build a multidisciplinary mega-convention at B.I.E.C (India’s first “LEED – Certified” Green Exhibition & Conference Facility) in Bengaluru, India. Each conference will have its own stage, schedule, exhibitors, workshops, networking opportunities and lots more!.

Your Pro Pass is now the singular pass that lets you access the many conferences hosted under one roof. At EFYCON, you can learn about every major industry touched by technology. You can reach, connect and network with influential technologists, technology decision makers, eminent thought leaders, the most disruptive companies, while meeting your customers (and even competitors!).

EFYCON is just the start of a far larger vision for the platform, in our pursuit to build a powerful platform that can catapult technologists to success.

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