• Ankita KS 

By Vaibhav Kohli, R & D, VMWare

This talk will go over the important operational aspects any organization has to consider when deploying an IoT system. It will go over manageability, configuration, security, health, application integration and other areas that are typically overlooked and the corresponding cost. The talk will propose a few ways of addressing these pitfalls with some examples.

Key takeaways:

  •  Important considerations in making your IoT solution Enterprise-ready
  •  Security & manageability risks ·
  • Possible solutions to the above

Speaker Profile:

Vaibhav has been with VMware R&D Dept since three years, currently working in the office of the CTO on IoT Project. He has published many research papers in leading journals, IEEE transactions and have filed patents at VMware, his one of the Big data projects have won the best prize at National level project showcase event. He has conducted workshops, hackathons, training sessions & trade shows in various companies, conferences on IoT & Docker Technology. He is active open-source code contributor and have worked with many customers on real-time use cases of IoT at scale. He has also recently published a book on “Docker Networking”. Vaibhav manages and leads various meetup groups across India on the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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