By Rajeev Jha, Founder, Yutix

The speaker defines Smart City with respect to India and talks about Government of India initiative – 100 smart city – Budget and Roadmap. The key components of Smart cities are explained. It is explained with Amsterdam Smart City and Jaipur Smart City examples. The talk would then focus on IOT – A major component of Smart Cities – citing some examples. Smart Villages would be defined with its key components and it would be discussed how initiative on Smart villages along with Smart cities would have worked.

Key takeaways:

  • How Smart Villages initiative in parallel with cities would have worked
  • Role of IoT in Smart cities and villages.

Speaker Profile:

Rajeev Jha is founder of Yuktix Technologies. He did his graduation from IIT Kanpur and PGSEM from IIM Bangalore. Before Yuktix is founded, he started Favsales, a tool to enable payment for small businesses on social media. Earlier he worked for Oracle, AOL, America Online, Citrix and couple of start-ups in mobile domain.


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