By Eric Cheng, Product Marketeer, Sigma Designs

The talk would begin with the overview of Smart Home systems and talk about the trends of Smart Homes and the chalenges in desgning smart home systems. It then briefs about the best solutions to solve these challenges and how to build an efficient Smart Home System

List of topics/Sub-topics covered

  • Market overview of Smart Home
  • The issues behind the ramp up
  • Z-Wave introduction

Key takeaways:

  • The forecast of the growing Smart Home market
  • The main issues Smart Home will face
  • How Z-Wave can fix these issues and deliver the best solution for Smart Home.

Speaker Profile:

Eric Cheng works for Sigma Designs from 2012. He is in charge of the Product Marketing to facilitate the Z-Wave ecosystem by coordinating the different partners such as service providers, system integrators, device makers in Asia region



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