All discounts and coupon codes will be deactivated on the 24th of February. It will not be possible to buy discounted passes after the 24th of February.

The image below will give you a bird’s eye view on our various passes and offers. Once you have selected your pass type, you can quickly sign up to reserve / register your pass.

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Why Videos in the Pro pass?

The Pro pass is our best-value pass. In addition to the numerous benefits listed in the image above, it also provides video access to conference sessions. This means that if you miss conference sessions because of an event (like a workshop or another talk) happening in parallel, or if you a miss a day of the event due to a networking meeting, you will still be able to see what happened in the session through a video link that we will share two weeks after the event. This video link will give you access to all conference sessions at the venue, but no workshops.

Special Discounts on Hotel Bookings

  • If you are looking for hotel accommodation in Bangalore, you can use ‘EFY2017‘ as the promocode when booking rooms through our partner, OYO Rooms. 
  • You can also visit their booking page through this link to get the 25% discount automatically applied, and see hotels listed based on their proximity to our event venue. 
  • In case of any doubts, you can get in touch with Abirami from OYO Rooms @ +91 09944588899.

Special Discount for Bulk Pass Registration

We offer special discounts for purchase of bulk passes. Send us a request here to get group discounts.

Number of Passes Discount
5 to 10 25%
11 to 15 30%
16 and above 40%




  1. Thanks for the constructive criticism. The website is mobile responsive, and there is a close button already available for the “ready for sign up?” message.
    Based on your feedback, there is now a PDF available to download for mobile users too.

  2. What is the difference on workshop you provide on Standard and Pro packages(I need to attend IoT workshop so kindly list out the workshop criteria for the both)

  3. I have purchased a standard pass and so i will be able to attend only one out of 18 workshops right? Also is the invoice enough for the entry or any other doc is to be produced.

    • Yes, you will only be able to attend one out of 18 workshops. I recommend you upgrade to the Pro pass since there is a 33% discount running right now. The additional access to all conference session videos + 3 extra workshops is well worth the additional 2,600 rupees (in my personal opinion). There are some pretty amazing workshops in the works.

      Regarding entry, you will receive an email that lets you download a pass closer to the event. You can print and bring that pass to get express entry at the event.

    • While it would depend on your future goals and current job role, Internet of Things is something almost all telecom firms are deeply invested in. Building connections with key people currently working on projects in this space should help you a great deal in the future as industry connections are very helpful in going up the career ladder.

      Ultimately, it will be up to you to learn and network as much as possible from this event.

      P.S: Life-changing opportunities often pop up from unexpected situations.

      • In addition to my previous reply, we also have a few telco focused talks including a panel discussion on the topic, “Discovering Profit for Telcos in IOT,” moderated by Kaustubha Parkhi, the principal analyst from Insight Corp.

  4. Sir my son is studying in 1ST PUC n is he eligible for this workshop currently he is doing UTube chennel too I want to know about it

    • This event is useful for only those students who have a high interest in electronics, and want to pursue their career in this fast growing field. If you son is genuinely interested and has a passion for electronics and embedded systems, then this event should significantly help him.

    • For one, we do have IPC India participating at the event, there will also be an IPC Hand Soldering Competition (HSC) and SMTA is also doing a workshop on surface mount technologies at the event. As I always say, you can also use the event to build connections with key people in your space. It should help you a great deal in the future as industry connections are very helpful in going up the career ladder. Hope this was helpful.

  5. Dear sir ,
    I am a btech ece fresh unemployed graduated .so which pass is helpful for me. In what way this expo is helpful l for me.

    • I believe the answer that I gave to students would be applicable for you to:
      This event is useful for only those who have a high interest in electronics, and want to pursue their career in this fast growing field. If you are genuinely interested and have a passion for electronics and embedded systems, then this event should significantly help you.

      I have a question: Do you have experience building your own electronics or embedded projects from the ground up, or did you re-use a design that you found online for your college main project? If you built your own, you can attend some of the advanced workshops. On the other hand, if you simply reused an online design, then it is recommended that you start of with basic workshops so that you can learn how to build your own project.

    • For people with Pro passes, you will be given free online access to videos of all conference sessions that conference pass delegates have access to.

    • You can avail benefits listed on this page for startups:
      Please check your email as well.

  6. Sir i have taken delegate standard pass. I want to know when i can start selecting and unlocking the workshop. Also where can i find a schedule and list of workshop and conference.

  7. Hello Dilin,

    I have signed up for “Expo”? Could you help me, what all benefits a “expo” holder would possess?

    Thanks in adv!

    • I recommend you go for a Lite pass unless you want to attend workshops. You can also use our EARLY4U promocode to get 33% off until January 27th. This way, a standard pass will cost Rs. 3960 and a Lite pass will cost only Rs. 1980.

  8. I am willing to participate in IPC Hand Soldering Competition.
    So please let me know sir when is the event and Any Fees, need to be paid for the event.

    • The last date for registration will be 25th February, but the last date for 33% discount using ‘EARLY4U’ promocode is on 27th January.

    GARHWA- 822114 (JHARKHAND)

    • It will depend on availability of the pass to which you want to upgrade to. Please also note that prices will increase in February as discount offers expire. It is recommended to buy a pass now.

  10. How can you justify its 10,000 worth for pro pass, I wanna know more about the conference and workshop & pre requirements.

    • Compare list of benefits you get for each pass here:

      Justification is simple: If you add up the individual cost for those benefits, they will be quite high compared to the total cost for a Pro pass. A single conference pass costs Rs. 3,000, workshop passes cost Rs. 2,500 per piece (you get 4 of these in a Pro pass), and then there is the lunch cost for 3 days at BIEC, EFY annual digital subscription, video link for the conference sessions you miss while attending workshops and the advanced registration for workshops.

      If you claim a discount through a promocode, then the deal gets even sweeter. Just make sure to keep the last date in mind.

  11. Hi. I want to sign up for a pro pass. I’m holder worked in it industry. Is it going to be useful for me? There are at least 6 workshops I’m interested in. But pro pass only allows 4. How can I attend the other two?

  12. Hello,

    I just registered for a PRO pass and completed all the steps provided and received the downloadable badge for the conference access. But I haven’t received any information on the “EFY annual digital subscription” yet. Could you please provide more details on how to access the digital EFY magazines that comes along with the PRO passes?

  13. Hi Bro,
    My name is Srinivas Reddy from Hyderabad.I studied all your comments well explained.right now i am learning Embedded System Programming course in Hyderabad.
    and recently i have seen one video on Youtube about IOT things,after watching that video i am also very excited cause in this IOT things we will get lot of opportunities
    and seen your website hope your workshop useful to lot of engineers.can you please suggest me that is there any free passes please tell me.i will definitly use this opportunity.I just waiting for your quick response.

    • You can use the expo pass to attend keynote conferences for free. There are no other free passes available. You can use the 33% off promocode to get a Lite pass at Rs. 1,980 too.

  14. Hi,

    do we have a detailed agenda for the conferences and the schedule of the conferences?
    The conference headings are broad and I would like to understand what the content of the talk would be and who would be the speakers.

    Shiuli Parui

  15. I ramesha k partner to M/s Digitrack scientific instruments manufacturer & supplier of electronic test & measuring instruments. Also we do manufacture microcontroller based products related to these products. Now we are presently studying ARM microcontroller to explore the benefits of developing products out of it. So in what way your program will help to expand our capabilities & which pass will help to get maximum benefit out of this.
    thanking you
    Ramesha K

    • I recommend the Pro pass again because it gives you access to 4 workshops, in addition to all the other benefits listed in the pass details image: full conferences, lunch on 3 days, videos of conference sessions, ezine access to EFY, etc. What I would do in your place is to use the workshops for getting hands on experience, while using the conferences to interact with speakers and use the opportunity to seek ideas on any challenges that you are currently facing. The Profit from IOT talk could also be helpful since there will be IoT case studies and deployments discussed in it of people who have really implemented iot projects instead of just talking about concepts.

      Hope that helps.

      p.s: Unfortunately, our 33% discount has ended. You can use the 25% promo running now before it ends in a few days too.

      UPDATE: We have just brought in a workshop that should interest you: “Getting started with ARM Cortex-M.” This workshop will be presented by Professor Sinha from IISc.

  16. Hi,

    When does the advance registration for the workshops begin? I have a pro pass and would like to start registering for the same. Also, hope the workshops would not actually take away time from other sessions.


    • Hi Nikhil,

      Advance registration for workshops for Pro pass holders will start on Feb 10th. You can reserve your workshop slots using your account login.

      Attendees can chose from conference sessions and workshops — they are spread out over three days to reduce the number of parallel sessions. However, there will still be multiple tracks happening in parallel due to the sheer number of sessions and workshops that are available to attendees. The idea is that attendees have a very big selection from which to choose their favourite ones from.

      Pro pass holders will also be given video access to all conference sessions, to catch up on the conferences that they miss due to a workshop.

      Hope this helps.


  17. I am basically studying civil engineering (1st year) and have great interest in programming and inventing new things what will you suggest . In what events I should take part and wich passes I should purchase

    • The best thing for you at this event would be the workshops. The workshop presenters will help you get started with building projects and products (depending on the workshops you select). Buy the Pro pass with the current promotion of 25% off, and make sure to reserve all 4 workshop slots. You can also use the chance to introduce yourself to other budding coders and inventors, and keep in touch with them even after the show as you learn new skills or troubleshoot your projects together through the web.

    • It would depend on what your aim is. If you are only looking at conferences, then go for the Lite pass as it is also the lowest priced pass.

    • I’m sorry, but that offer is now over. We have the 25% discount running for 3 more days, so you can use that before it gets over too.

  18. Hello,
    I am working in the IT industry in Data analytics for the past 1 year. I have been hearing about this IOT many times and I want to know if there is any event or workshop where I can learn about it and get some hands-on experience. Is Data analytics be a part of IOT? Can you please guide me on this?
    Thanks and regards.

    • Hi Shankar,
      We’ve got a track focused on Analytics, Algorithms, and AI. You could try that track. Of course, every IoT track will have at least a few sessions talking about analytics in one form or the other. Analytics is, after all, what lets us tap into the power of all that data collected from sensors and connected machines.

      Regarding hands-on experience, I suggest you check out the workshops we have. Some of them are hands-on while others are tutorials. We will have detailed description of workshops uploaded at Should be ready by Friday.

      Hope this helped!

  19. Currently im searching for a job. Please tell in way this conference/workshops will help my career. Which pass i should choose.

  20. Sir,i am a Computer Science Student(8th sem) and interested more in computers,cyber crime,digital, forensics.Can you guide me how it would help me advance my career.

    • One of our speakers, Dr. Parag H Rughani, Assistant Professor, Institute of Forensic Science, GFSU, will be available at the conference. You can check with him.

    • Could you check out if the talks listed under “analytics, algorithms and AI” work for you?

    • It will be opened on Monday. We have a 6 new workshops available for Pro pass holders, so we need to add that into the reservation module after scheduling them.

  21. I am diploma student in electronic (sem 4).I have interest in this workshop. Can you tell me which workshop is suitable for me at now?. Pro pass is available at now? And I am live in Mumbai then this workshop is available at Mumbai also or not

  22. Thank you for organizing this event. Excited to attend it. Wishing to build great conversations, listen more than I speak, and carry home good learnings, and some contacts too. I am a technology-enthusiast, who work in the field of business writing.

  23. Hi.
    I’m a mechanical engineering student interested in IOT. I’m planning to take a lite pass. Is it possible to get group discount above the 33% that we are being given right now, if I have a few friends going with me?
    Also, please advise on how I can prepare (what to study about) to take the maximum advantage of the conferences.
    Thank You

    • Ans 1. You can either go for the 33% discount or look at the bulk pass table in this page.

      Ans 2. We have a variety of tracks at the event, so it will be best if you decide on which tracks to attend and then do your basic research (Google itself will give you several sources for good reading) on the topics that have been announced.

    • You can go for the free Expo pass and buy two workshops on March 4th after logging in to your account. Use REDUCE25 for discounts. You can see the available workshops on 4th of March once you login. There are some IoT training centres participating in the event and doing workshops too.

  24. I want to pursue my career in VLSI Design.Is there any design or any related workshop is gonna conduct related to my field?. My interest is designing the chip (both analog or digital)

    • While there are no tracks related to chip design, there are talks being delivered by chip design firms. You may want to review talks on our conferences page to see if they are of interest to you.

  25. I have booked for BUsiness Pass. I wish to convert it to Standard. How to do that?

    DO i need to book for conferences and how do I do that?

    Your quick help will be appriciated.

  26. Once I buy LITE pass, does that provide access to all the conferences as shown/marked in the table? without paying anything extra. Do confirm.

  27. Hello. I have attended the EFY Expo as a PRO pass holder. Could you please tell me the procedure to get the digital subscription of the EFY magazine?