Due to limited seats, we have allotted a maximum of 3000 passes for conference attendees (Business [1200 passes], Standard [1200 passes], Pro [600 passes]) and 12,000 passes for exhibition visitors (Expo pass). Once Conference passes are closed, only Expo passes will be made available to delegates.

The image below will give you a bird’s eye view on our various passes and offers. Once you have selected your pass type, you can quickly sign up to reserve / register your pass.

On a mobile device? Click here to download a PDF showing pass benefits and pricing.


Other information:

  1. Defence personnel: 50% discount across all deliverables
  2. Priority access: Pro pass holders will get workshop reservation options two weeks before Standard pass holders.

Click here to reserve your access pass to India’s best multi-disciplinary technology conference.

Special Discount for Bulk Pass Registration

We offer special discounts for purchase of bulk passes. Send an e-mail to [email protected] for any query/request.

Number of Passes Discount
5 to 10 25%
11 to 15 30%
16 and above 40%




  1. Worst website design. I couldn’t read anything in mobile view when zoomed. “Ready for sign up? Get free expo pass” caption blocks entire view and irritates when ever I zoom. Passes and offers are in very small font. I’m forced to zoom. but irritation remains.

    • Thanks for the constructive criticism. The website is mobile responsive, and there is a close button already available for the “ready for sign up?” message.
      Based on your feedback, there is now a PDF available to download for mobile users too.

  2. What is the difference on workshop you provide on Standard and Pro packages(I need to attend IoT workshop so kindly list out the workshop criteria for the both)

    • We will have a total of 18 workshops for you to chose from. The Standard pass allows you to select only 1 workshop from among those. The Pro pass allows you to select 4 workshops from among those. Hope this helped.

  3. I have purchased a standard pass and so i will be able to attend only one out of 18 workshops right? Also is the invoice enough for the entry or any other doc is to be produced.

    • Yes, you will only be able to attend one out of 18 workshops. I recommend you upgrade to the Pro pass since there is a 33% discount running right now. The additional access to all conference session videos + 3 extra workshops is well worth the additional 2,600 rupees (in my personal opinion). There are some pretty amazing workshops in the works.

      Regarding entry, you will receive an email that lets you download a pass closer to the event. You can print and bring that pass to get express entry at the event.

    • While it would depend on your future goals and current job role, Internet of Things is something almost all telecom firms are deeply invested in. Building connections with key people currently working on projects in this space should help you a great deal in the future as industry connections are very helpful in going up the career ladder.

      Ultimately, it will be up to you to learn and network as much as possible from this event.

      P.S: Life-changing opportunities often pop up from unexpected situations.

      • In addition to my previous reply, we also have a few telco focused talks including a panel discussion on the topic, “Discovering Profit for Telcos in IOT,” moderated by Kaustubha Parkhi, the principal analyst from Insight Corp.