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By Praveen Gonsalves, Head- Product Design and R&D, Shalaka Technologies

This workshop would focus on using different boards to set up a IoT system. Most engineers use Arduino platform for such prototypes, but moving them towards new technologies that can be implemented in real world till production phase is a challenge. This workshop would focus on using these application specific boards and set up a simple IoT workbench that students can experiment with and understand different layers of the system.


Praveen Gonsalves – Head Product and R&D – An Electronics Engineer with focus on designing and prototyping systems and taking them to product stage. He has designed over 50 different systems till date with a major focus on Internet of Things, and their application in different verticals of business. He primary focus is on understanding new technologies and implementing them in products. Rapid prototyping and conceptualisation of ideas using leading technologies is his area of expertise. He also has a passion for teaching and helping upcoming engineers understand the “Art of Learning”.

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction to application specific boards and their advantages
  • Understanding Energia and Code Composer Studio
  • Converting Arduino Prototypes using upgraded technologies
  • Understanding basic concepts of programming and IoT hardware.
  • Learn how to set up an IoT workbench to brainstorm on newer ideas
  • Implementing newer ideas and understanding their feasibility

For further detail contact: Praveen Gonsalves-98220-99058

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