Noble ESD Audit method in Smart Electronics Manufacturing

By Ankan Mitra, Electronics Engineer, SMTA India chapter

ESD Audit at predetermined frequency to ensure necessary grounding connections stay connected as per intended specification. However, even with such audits there had been failures which are attributed to ESD after very expensive failure analysis. Continuous monitoring for various electronics manufacturing stages has helped raised flags in the manufacturing shop-floor but still gets restricted to become a full-proof mechanism.

This is where Internet of Things (IoT) for ESD control and compliance comes into picture.  IoT not only monitors both the stationary and dynamic ground connections but also integrates for a pre-monitoring schedule of all the elements required for ESD control.

IoT enabling a factory specifically for ESD control system, creates immense visibility by flagging any connection failures and also comes up with solution, specification from standards, name of pre-approved suppliers as applicable and most importantly a log of such a connection failure which can be pulled-back along with corrective action for audit requirement in future.

In this presentation we shall share details of type of hardware and embedded software solution which we have experimented with and deployed as pilot in electronics manufacturing shop-floors along with the results recorded. Presentation closes with the challenges identified along with the path forward.

Speaker Profile:

Ankan is an Electronics Engineer and working as voluntary SMTA India chapter officer. He is an iiNARTE ESD Engineer and IPC Certified Interconnect Designer (CID). As an engineer he has worked for, Cisco Systems, Tejas Networks and Celestica


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