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By PVN PavanKumar, Director- Product Management, and Satvik Ashok, IOT Specialist Developer, SAP labs

Full-scale IoT systems are larger & more widely distributed than IT has ever had to deal with .IoT datasets hold exabytes of data. Moving it all to the core, whether cloud or datacenter, is impractical, so we must store and process data on the edge using a distributed lambda architecture. So there is necessity to have a holistic distributed data management platform to support this approach with that linking core and edge to enable IoT at scale.

Key takeaways:                                                                                                             

  • IoT data is really really big
  • The simple view of cloud computing will not work for very large IoT datasets
  • “Lambda architecture” simply means focusing on the urgent while also analyzing everything
  • We can move lambda processing out to the edge, close to where IoT data is created
  • And therefore keep most IoT data at the edge, forever
  • This is a huge win – moving & storing 99% less data at the core will save lots of money
  • Holistic distributed data management platform is key
  • Enterprise data modeling, end-to-end security and central governance are critical to success with highly-decentralized computing & storage
  • So IoT will require a new, higher level of IT automation
    • Leverage the most-programmable infrastructure & platforms
    • Describe the topology of end-to-end IoT dataflows
    • Describe the infrastructure (cloud / datacenter, edge gateways)
    • Use a smart orchestrator to generate & execute deployment plans

Speaker Profile:

PVN PavanKumar

Pavan is a Global Product Manager focused on product definition, development, and roll out. Extensive experience working with global customers in emerging and developed markets and also with remote teams. His expertise is in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) ,Sustainability & Analytics. His specialties are Product Strategy and Execution, Customer Engagement, Public Speaking, Responding to RFPs , Evangelize IoT in Industry forums,academia and Mentoring IOT startups! Additionally he is a Mascot for SAP Labs India , Being a Mascot , he represents SAP and showcase SAP Strategy,Vision and SLI campus tour on multiple occasions and interacted with students, industry professional and senior/executive management members and high profile visitors as part of this program.

Sathvik Ashok

Sathvik is currently working with Smart Connected Business team in the field of IOT to build solutions on connected products in SAP Labs. He has worked in the Co-Innovation team, handling co-innovation projects based on SAP HANA. Projects included the Customer/Passenger Engagement Platform with a focus on building insightful customer stories using data which can be leveraged by customers. He has also worked on developing an application using Java to remotely input data into an X-ray generator through an USB-RS-232 converter in GE Healthcare.


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