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By Rajesh Sola & Shubham Srivastava, Core Faculty, CDAC’s Advanced Computing Training School,Pune.

This talk cum tutorial aims at covering key technologies useful for the design of IOT gateway with an automative example of integrating CANBus master with cloud services and designing end nodes using mbed APIs with CAN Slave example.This session is planned with two case studies,one with NodeRED,a visual wiring tool based on Node.js runtime for quick prototyping of bridging solutions with zero or minimal javascript coding.Second demo is based on Eclipse Kura, a Java/OSGi based container for addressing M2M/IOT bridging needs with its high support for dynamically configurable components throgh its web console.It comes with rich set of APIs and services to minimize the gap between embedded systems and enterprise solutions.This gives a sneak peek of technology enablers for building end to end solutions for IOT needs.


  • CAN Slave Design (target:- STM32 F4 Discovery and/or FRDM K64f)
  • Linux support for CANBus – SocketCAN (target:-BeagleBone)
  • Node.js,NodeRED support for SocketCAN
  • Eclipse Kura support for SocketCAN

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding technological pointers for IOT middleware solutions with automotive case study.
  • Understanding socketcan support on Linux targets like beaglebone and language bindings.
  • Getting a glimpse of technologies used in other layers(end devices and cloud services). 

Rajesh is a core faculty member of CDAC’s Advanced Computing Training School, Pune and evangelist in Embedded Systems,IOT domains.He is the guest author for EFY Group’s Open Source For You Magazine,published few articles on IOT Protcols,Embedded Linux,Android USB,GNU tools etc in recent years and on,Qt development in the past for Linux For You magazine.He was the speaker for open source events like [email protected],[email protected] Calicut in the past years and [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],OSI [email protected] recently. He loves teaching & open source and is keen on FOSS adoption among student community and keep exploring emerging technologies,especially open source trends in core domains these days.

Shubham is a technical trainer in CDAC’s Advanced Computing Training School, Pune. He has provided trainings and workshops in embedded systems PAN India subjecting RC nimble aircraft, gesture control interface using Arduino and interfacing other target boards  etc. He is an embedded enthusiast and enjoys imparting  and gaining technical knowledge, driving towards technical enablers for IOT nowadays.

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