Mehul Garg

Mehul Garg is an Automobile Enthusiast and a professional speaker who has more than 5 years of strong Engineering experience in the areas of Automotive Electronics (R&D) Domain with emphasis on Hardware in Loop (HIL) Systems , Product Functionality Testing, Hardware ECU Testing & Design including reverse engineering circuits, circuit simulation, circuit modification, PCB Design, prototype sample development, functional testing and lab testing.

Presently he has Experience with Continental Automotive Group (Technical Center India) as Executive Engineer and is proactively Working on Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution Systems (EBS) For Vehicle Dynamics and Control (Chassis and Safety Division) and is undertaking responsibility for execution of HIL acceptance testing, Support , service, maintenance and upgrade of the      HIL- test systems hardware Setting up and commissioning of HIL test bench including the simulation software for new projects and   Commissioning of EBS  (Electronic Brake Distribution Systems) ECUs, it’s execution and debugging on HIL Environment.

Previously he has worked on projects like Power Window Regulator unit , Power Window Regulator with Adaptive Ant-pinch System (BCM), Hardware in Loop Test Setup For EGR –ECU, and Designing, Testing & Troubleshooting of VLRI Display card For DMRC. He is also experienced in designing PCB circuit schematics and layout. Highly skilled at fault diagnostics and PCB circuit troubleshooting, he has sound knowledge of IC Engines and ECUs for Body Control Module.

He is Associated with BRCA (Board of Recreational and Technical Activities in IIT Delhi, and has been awarded for Auto-stroke, an All India competition for IC engine design, for two successive years in 2014 and 2015. He has also participated and proposed and a technical Paper  to Eminent Leaders and Ministers at ‘Innovate For digital India’ in Invest in Karnataka 2016 , for making in-house Antilock Braking System (ABS), with a focus on minimizing cost and in-house production.


The workshop will focus on the hardware design of an ECU for power window lifting. The workshop will take you through the entire process flow involved in taking your product from scratch to end. It will also outline various functionalities and testing procedures required to meet the challenges.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to design an automotive ECU that fits in with industry standards.
  • Get the practical knowledge you need for R&D in the automotive industry.
  • Expose yourself to core development and learn what not to do while developing your own.


Knowledge of Mechatronics systems would help you benefit more from this session.

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