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By Shachindra, creator, Stellar Innovators and  Sivathanu Neelakantan ,CEO, NeeL Software

In this workshop, We start with the basics of Image Processing and work on some interesting use cases for solving some real world challenges. The aim of the workshop is to provide opportunities for tech enthusiasts from various backgrounds to gain knowledge and experience in Image Processing and implement the skills in building various solutions which .

List of topics/sub-topics covered:

  • Concepts of Image Processing
  • Getting Started with Image Processing using APIs (cloud) and OpenCV, Python
  • Practical Sessions on: Working with numpy, scipy or matplotlib for Geometric transformations of images, Colour detection and object tracking, Digit Recognition – OCR, Face Detection & Tracking in Images or Videos, Barcode Detection in Images, Image Processing & IoT use cases on it


Shachindra is an entrepreneur, creator of Stellar Innovators and co-founder of Revotic Engineering. He is a speaker, author & trainer engaging educators, students and organizations with speeches, workshops, and seminars. His high quality & high content programs are well researched and delivered in a down to earth style that everyone remembers. He aspires to provide a platform for technology enthusiasts to learn and innovate with upcoming technologies by integrating a team of like-minded people. He also has experience in Software Application Development while working in Wipro earlier. Currently, He works on launching the product, NeerAssure, an IoT based Device for Smart Cities, which gives statistics about the daily water usage of the user, availability in the overhead tank and predicts the water requirements for the upcoming days. This helps in understanding True Demand & Consumption of water for individuals and the city.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the concepts & features of Image Processing using APIs (cloud) and OpenCV, Python
  • Work/Follow along with the Practical sessions
  • Experience Image Processing & IoT use cases on it
  • Know about Deep Learning (subfield of Machine Learning) & Convolutional Neural Networks


Sivathanu Neelakantan is an Entrepreneur and CEO at Neel Software, Chennai. Neel Software is a leading Company in Software Testing Automation Space. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, BITS Pilani and is PMP Certified. He is skilled in Programming Languages as Python, C# and Java. He mentors students in learning professional skills and supports them in being Entrepreneur & launching their Start-up. He aspires for a digital India and believes that technology can help in overcoming challenges. He also has experience in Systems Development while working in HCL earlier, in Networking Domain. He organizes various training programs in Chennai, for under-privileged children and helping them get skilled with upcoming technologies.

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