• Ankita KS 

By Kaustubha Parkhi, Principal Analyst, Insight-Corp


  • IoT and its tryst with the telecommunications domain: Evolution of IoT, Seminal developments and drivers
  • Where is the money? : Introduction to revenue streams
  • IoT and telecom operators :Revenue streams, Operational and business challenges
  • IoT and OSS/BSS vendors: Revenue streams, Operational and business challenges
  • IoT and network equipment vendors: Revenue streams, Operational and business challenges
  • IoT and management platform vendors and system integrators: Revenue streams, Operational and business challenges

Key takeaways

  • Understanding the role played by the telecommunications industry in the evolution of IoT   
  • The IoT revenue opportunity for telecom stakeholders
  • New business and networking strategies adopted by telecom stakeholders to maximize the IoT opportunity
  • Case studies of leading adapters

Speaker Profile:

Kaustubha Parkhi is Principal Analyst with Insight Research, a twenty-six-year-old telecom-focused market research and consulting enterprise. Over the past twelve years, Kaustubha has conducted market research and consulting assignments for a wide array of telecommunications, electronics and industrial engineering technologies. Kaustubha has worked on Compound Semiconductors, Digital Righ
ts Management, Handset Input Interfaces, Hydraulics, Interconnects, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications, Managed Services, Mashups, Medical Electronics Nanotechnology in Mobile Devices, Optical Fiber Technologies, OSS-BSS, Pneumatics, Printed Circuit Boards, Software Defined Radios, Solid State Devices, Semiconductor Packaging, Transparent Electronics and Unified Communications among other areas. He has authored close to thirty market research reports and worked on custom-consulting assignments. He specializes in covering new and emerging technologies in markets that are relatively information-opaque. He is presently working on SDN, NFV, 5G and BYOD apart from IoT. Kaustubha has seventeen years of work experience in areas of pre-sales, product management, network operations, technology documentation and business development; apart from market research. Kaustubha holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications and a Master of Management Studies (equivalent of M.B.A.) degree in Systems.  He is based in Bangalore.

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