By Parag H. Rughani, Assistant Professor, Institute of Forensic Science, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

The talk will be focused on importance of IoT forensics, which will be required to address increasing IoT related cyber crimes. I would focus more on future scope in this field to encourage students, professionals and researchers. If there will be sufficient time, then I may plan to share some case studies and demonstrations. The talk will also focus on need of IoT Forensics, challenges, available tools / technologies and future scope

Key takeaways:                                                                                      

  • Detailed idea about need of IoT Forensics
  • An insight in the way forensics can be used in IoT related cyber crimes.
  • Awareness of available tools and technologies
  • Ideas to work in this field.                                                                                                                           

Dr. Parag H. Rughani

Dr. Parag H. Rughani is an assistant professor in Digital Forensics and Information Security at Institute of Forensic Science, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar – Gujarat. He holds Ph. D. in Computer Science with M. Phil. in Computer Science and MCA. He has more than 11 years of experience in academics. He has authored one book and published more than 10 research articles at national and international level. He is life time member of IACIS, IETE and ISTE. He has delivered expert sessions on various topics at many organizations. His research areas include Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis, Memory Forensics and IoT Forensics.

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