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By Anirban Chowdhury, Co-founder and Director, Technology, Frugal Labs Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

The workshop will focus on data handling in a IoT device under different application domains and how its different from the normal data. Adjustments to be done due to the amount of data produce and its real time nature. And finally how to analyse it depending on the requirements.

PART I: Sending data to the cloud (3 hrs) (11:20-13:10)
  • Introduction to IoT
  • Importance of data and overview of different data sources
  • Data acquisition from sensor Nodes and IoT Devices
  • Protocol implementation to transfer data from the IoT node to server (cloud)
  • Setting up broker in the server (cloud) and acquiring the data
—————— LUNCH ——————
PART II: Storing and Analyzing IoT data (3 hrs) (15:00-18:00)
  • Overview of Time Series database (InfluxDB)
  • Read/Write/Edit/Delete data to/from the DB
  • simple queries to access data from DB
  • Introduction to data analytics in IoT
  • getting started with “Pandas”
  • Data loading
  • Performing “analytics”on data to get meaningful information
  • Plotting and Visualization

Key take aways:                                                                                     

  • Understanding of IoT data flow
  • Basic DB understanding
  • Analytical tool : Pandas                                                                                       

Anirban works in the Internet of things with service provider skill set for embedded device design, cloud computing and App design. Creating new training methods and training materials with hands on experience into varies upcoming technologies like IoT. Love to train people from different age and experience with latest tech. In Frugal Labs, he works for product development, sales and training for robotics, embedded system design and on Internet of Things services as well product design.He also works with creation team for different course and training design and delivery (Now focused on IoT and smart devices).

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