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By Anuj Deshpande, founder, Makerville

Voice has emerged as the next interface for the smart home. Google, Apple and Amazon are in a race to capture this market with their services and hardware. In these times, it’s necessary to understand how one can make their own hardware which works with these services as well as dd voice as a form of user control for their connected devices.

Amazon is leading the pack in terms of first-to-market as well as developer engagement. With AVS and the Skills API, Amazon is ensuring that it has covered the full spectrum for anything related to voice interfaces. It’s Echo range of devices have sold millions of units and are becoming the central hub in the smart home ecosystem. Amazon’s AWS and it’s IoT offerings, which are offered independent from Alexa, perfectly complement it and are gaining a lot of adoption and traction.


Anuj runs his own little company called Makerville, where he builds hardware and the software to go with it. At Makerville, he manufactures and supports Knit, a low-cost Wi-Fi development board. He was part of the team that did Tah, a BLE development board designed, manufactured and crowdfunded from India, as well as an intern at He loves to set up interactive installations, like Internet-connected bubble machines, talking posters and life-sized pianos.

Key takeaways:

  • How to integrate voice in your next product
  • How to build voice apps (also known as skills) for your connected appliances

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