Munir Mohammed, Program Specialist-Comsoc & eHealth, IEEE

The talk would be primarily focused on standards being developed focused on Smart Cities within the IEEE Standards Initiative. IEEE-SA develops a whole array of standards which are focused on different verticals – health, transportation, network connectivity, smart grids but there are overarching framework standards focused on IoT which is a key driver for Smart cities and the upcoming 5G standardisation.

Key takeaways:                                                                                   

  • Understanding the standards focused on IoT
  • How IEEE standards help Smart cities and 5G standardisation.

Speaker Profile:

Munir Mohammed

Munir Mohammed currently works as Program Specialist – ComSoc & eHealth at IEEE. Munir supports IEEE Communications Society and Standards activities relating to eHealth pan India. He has been working with IEEE since 9 years and prior to this, Munir had been working in Software Application development for more than 20 yrs.

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