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By Srinivasa MoorthyCEOAndhra Pradesh Electronics IT Agency (APEITA)

With the advent of Internet of Things electronics systems are proliferating into every nook and corner. Conventional Electronics design involved multiple capabilities (Electrical, mechanical, Software, Compliance etc.) and needed a big team to design a single product. With the IoT the volume of products designed are exploding pressure on reduced time to market and lack qualified experts is putting pressure on companies to find ways of efficient development. “DEFINE” (stands for Design, Environment, Functionality, Implementation, Necessities, Enablers) framework which enables the designers to develop the architecture of an y embedded systems . This framework enables the designers to develop the contours of the product quickly and takes the system design to the next phase quickly. This chapter will explain the framework in details by detailing every element involved in the framework. This chapter will also give a checklist and guideline to help the designer to develop the overall product quickly and efficiently. Idea of the  workshop  is to give a simple checklist and guideline based approach to design the over all product architecture (today there is no literature which is available as it is mostly comes out of experience). With startups and entrepreneurs access to experienced consultants is a challenge and this framework allows them to develop the high level product architecture easily. The session will have about 50 mins of lecture and 20 mins case study and 10 mins of Q&A.  


Moorthy has over three decades of experience in the Electronics Industry with experience ranging from R&D, Product Design and Engineering, Manufacturing, Promotions and Managing large business units. Moorthy is currently the CEO of Andhra Pradesh Electronics & IT Agency (an autonomous society formed by AP State Government) spearheading the efforts to make AP as the number one destination for Electronics and Information Technology Industry in India. Reporting to advisor to CM of AP (Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu). He has successfully conceived and implemented the new Designated Technology Park Scheme to attract SME IT companies. Currently working on an integrated Design & Manufacturing facility for the SME product companies in AP. He is also restructuring the Startup activities in the AP to streamline. Responsible for the implementation of International Institute of Digital Institute, first of the kind institute along the model of ISB. Setting up the road map for IoT infrastructure by setting up a Center of Excellence for IoT in Visakhapatnam. He has developed path breaking products and services in Product Design and Engineering field. He is an expert in Medical Devices, Networking, Telecom and Prosumer (Professional Consumer) product design. He has set up new organizations for designing Networking Products, Automotive Software and Hardware, Medical Devices and Consumer devices for both Indian and Overseas companies. Got India’s first ISO13485 certification for Medical Device design. Worked on Avionics & Mil Certifications and products. He is hands-on and mentors startups working in Embedded Systems & IoT areas. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in product design and engineering. He writes regularly in leading professional journals and publishes papers in national and international conferences.

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