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By Rajesh Sola, Core Faculty,CDAC’s Advanced Computing Training School,Pune.

This talk cum tutorial aims at covering UI development for RaspberryPi using Qt,a cross platform application framework with support for eye candy GUI design and rich C++ libraries.This session starts with introduction to IMU sensors, building QtSDK for RaspberryPi3 and configuring QtCreator for cross development of applications using C++,follwed by the case study of managing IMU sesnosrs with the help of RTIMULib, primarily using senseHAT addon with the help of Qt Sensors and plotting the sensor data using Qt modules.


* Overview of Qt features – widgets,event handling,modules
* Building Qt SDK for RaspberryPi3 and configuring Qt Creator
* Introduction to IMU Sensors, SenseHAT, x-dof sticks
* Linux support for IMU sensors – RTIMULib
* Data acquisition using MQTT Protocol
* Sensor Data Visualization – Qt Sensors & Qt Charts (C++ APIs)
* Case study:-Qt App for SenseHAT on RaspberryPi

Key takeaways:

  • Undertanding UI development with Qt
  • Linux support for IMU sesnors
  • Building Qt apps for Raspberry pi and IMU sensors

Speaker Profiles:

Rajesh Sola

Rajesh is a core faculty member of CDAC’s Advanced Computing Training School, Pune and evangelist in Embedded Systems,IOT domains. He is the guest author for EFY Group’s Open Source For You Magazine, published few articles on IOT Protcols, Embedded Linux,Android USB,GNU tools etc in recent years and on, Qt development in the past for Linux For You magazine. He was the speaker for open source events like FOSS. at Bangalore, FOSSMeet in NIT Calicut in the past years and FudCon at Pune, ESTF at Bangalore, GNUnify at Pune,OSI Days at Bangalore recently. He loves teaching & open source and is keen on FOSS adoption among student community and keep exploring emerging technologies, especially open source trends in core domains these days.

Rishabh Hardas

Rishabh is an electrical Engineer by Education and Embedded Systems Programmer by profession.He is a Embedded Software Developer at Atos India Pvt. Ltd. His work primarily focuses on firmware and Embedded Linux programming in the fields of IOT, Building Management System and Petrol Pump Automation.He is an eclectic person by nature, his interests lie in the areas of IOT, Firmware, Embedded Linux and Linux Kernel Programming.

For further details contact Rajesh Sola 8308311775

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