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By Arun Magesh, IoT Security Expert, Attify

With the IoT market booming in India, in this fast pacing market, developers often fail to look into the security of their devices. This talk gives both the developers and the layman end user, an understanding of how a device can be exploited, especially focusing on products made in india. Additionally, the talk will also share actionable pointers on how you as a developer, can avoid possible security issues in your IoT device. This talk will take the approach of break-it-fix-it, where the speaker would show techniques on how IoT devices are hacked in a real-world scenario. This talk would discuss about various case studies of past attacks and common tools and methods used for exploitation. The speaker also explains on how to develop a Secure device architecture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the security ecosystem available for IoT                        
  • Tools and Techniques used by hackers to take over an IoT device
  • Developer insights for IoT device security
  • Assessing your IoT device for security issues and vulnerabilities
  • Practical tips for developers to protect their devices from security compromise

Speaker Profile:

Arun Magesh

Arun Magesh works as IoT security expert with Attify and has worked on numerous smart devices pentest in the past couple of years. With an electrical engineering academic background, he serves as a core committee member for several IoT local chapters and hackerspaces in India, where he regularly delivers talks and hands-on workshops. He has 5+ years hands-on experience in both building and breaking IoT devices and has been previously awarded for India’s Top 25 under 25 technologist and Intel Software Innovator. His main focusarea in IoT is embedded device and SDR security. He has also build and contributed to a number of projects such as Brain-Computer interfacing and Augment Reality solutions.He is also thelead content creator for Offensive IoT Exploitation and Practical SDR Exploitation for IoT device courses and has delivered training to numerous governmental and private organizations around the world


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