By Pranav Pai Vernekar, Founder, Inventrom


Pranav Pai Vernekar is the founder of Inventrom, an Internet of Things startup and inventors of the award winning Bolt IoT Platform (Formally NetPlug). He has been declared as the winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award’15 by GEMS Goa. The Bolt IoT Platform was showcased at the first Indo-U.S. Startup Konnect in September 2015 which was part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Silicon Valley. Pranav works on the product development, marketing and strategy for Bolt IoT. Pranav has been a strategic IoT consultant for enterprise clients like IBM, Intel, CISCO, BOSCH, TCS etc. and has been invited to conduct trainings as well as speak at conferences on IoT in Australia, South Africa, United States of America, New Zealand as well as various educational institutes like IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee and all three campuses of BITS Pilani.

  1. Introduction to IoT and the Bolt IoT Platform: 15 mins
  2. Interfacing electronics
    1. • Interfacing a simple actuator(LED) and writing a code for control: 10 mins
    2. • Interfacing a digital sensor and writing code for data pull: 15 mins
  3. Building a smartphone remote for control of actuator: 10 mins
  4. Building a UI for presentation of sensor data : 15 mins
  5. Setting up Bolt cloud platform and linking to Bolt Card: 10 mins
  6. Visualising sensor data in the form of graphs and charts: 15 mins
  7. Internet control of actuators using Bolt Cloud: 10 mins

Project: 1. Temperature Monitor • Interfacing Bolt with temperature sensor and writing script for data collection: 20 mins • Building a cloud UI for monitoring the temperature: 20 mins • Setting up trigger based mechanisms based on temperature: 10 mins • Script for tracking device status: 10 mins Q&A and Brainstorm session : 20 mins.

Participants are required to carry :

1. A laptop.
2. An android charger( 5v)
3. Jio/any other cellular net pack for hotspot.

For further details contact Pranav Pai Vernekar 7875238094

For schedule please click here.


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