By Vinay Chaddha, CEO, GVC Systems Pvt Ltd

Hands-on session for Twitter controlled digital display

This product displays message sent to a specific twitter handle. Please watch the video below to get a brief idea.

Abstract – Participants will go through webserver, nodejs, mqtt, esp8266, arduino and digital display and realise that it is easy to develop a real commercial IOT product

Key takeaways:

On internet you find many examples. Yet you do not see real IOT devices at many places. At least in North India, majority of IOT experts are actually IOT trainers and kit sellers to students/hobbyists only.

This session will talk about the difference between Hobby IOT and real Industrial IOT devices. It will help you to build and sell IOT devices.

Speaker Profile:

Vinay has Around 40 years of hands-on experience on embedded development and he will share his experience on how to make money by IOT. He started learning Intel 8035 in year 1979 and programmed Intel 8085 using Assembly and PL/M language.
Since then, he has worked on new range of 8 bit micro controllers from Motorola, Philips, ST Micro, Zilog, Microchip, Renesas in Assembly and C language and 32 bit ARM controllers from ST, Texas.He is an electronic hobbyists and designer and believe in continuous learning and training. In the last 10 years and has designed lot of designs/products which are commercially successful.

His strength has been to convert an idea into real shape and then give that design to various manufacturers who in turn take care of production, marketing and sales.

He believes in sharing and have already made my seven most successful commercial designs open. He has published complete circuit, details and software in an electronic magazine EFY.

Specialties: Embedded Development, Electronic controller for Traffic Lights, CCTV Switchers, Vending Machines, Elevator/Lift Controllers, RGB LED drivers, Security Systems, DALI, DMX512, VISCA, TCP/IP, Zigbee, USB, RS232, RS485, OSD, Microcontrollers from Motorola, Freescale, Philips, NXP, Zilog, ST, Holtek, Atmel, Android, LInux, Java, B4A

For further detail contact: Vinay Chaddha : 9811074026


      1. I have already booked for rapid prototyping due to No details. Now all seats of this workshop are booked. What shall I do ? Is there any chance of getting this workshop.

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