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By Naveen Balani, IoT and Cognitive Leader, Accenture Labs

This session will focus on how to build intelligent connected products using a generic Enterprise IoT stack. The speaker will discuss some of the key enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive IoT and Blockchain and how to infuse intelligence at each layer of the IoT stack. The session would cover 3 architecture patterns – Applying intelligence at the Edge, At the cloud and Hybrid approach. Various use cases would be covered – Real-time decision making at the edge using computer vision and deep learning (security and surveillance), Cognitive IoT in Sports – Connected Cricket, Connected Car and Trust and compliance for security and connectivity using Blockchain. The session will also include a brief analysis of different Enterprise IoT platforms like IBM Watson IoT, GE Predix, Amazon IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT and open source software for building smart connected products.

Key Takeaways :

  • Understand End to End Enterprise IoT stack
  • Edge Gateway and Deep Learning – Strategy for building and deploying computer vision technologies at the Edge.
  • Cognitive IoT – Approach to build Cognitive IoT applications · Use cases on Cognitive IoT – Realize Connected Cricket use case
  • Edge and Cloud – Realize Connected Car use case.
  • Approach to build IoT machine learning models
  • Trust and compliance using Blockchain

Speaker Profile:

Naveen Balani leads the IoT and Cognitive research for Accenture Labs. His interest is around edge computing and deep learning algorithms. Prior to his current role, he was the CTO and co-founder of a cognitive retail startup. He is a former IoT and Watson Lab Leader for IBM India Labs, where he was responsible for setting up the Watson Lab and getting the team ramped up on cognitive technologies. He developed the Watson Ecosystem Content evaluation system and enabled partners and customers on Watson technology. He holds 9 patents on various technology areas. He is an active blogger at He is a IBM Master Author, DZONE Most Valuable Blogger and writes for Intel and many other publications. He has written many books – Beginning Spring Framework, the first book on Apache CXF, multiple IBM Redbooks and is also the author and publisher for one of the top book on IoT – “Enterprise IoT”.

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