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By Amey Inamdar, Staff Engineering Manager, Marvell Semiconductors


  • What is Weave
  • Architecture
  • Build Weave enabled light bulb using Marvell MW302 Dev Board
  • What’s required to convert this prototype to product

With strong penetration of Android phones, Google has a strong user base. With introduction of Google Home, the reach increases and newer possibilities emerge. Google Weave defines a protocol which can be used from Android (and iOS) devices as well as Google Home to control the smart home devices.

This tutorial not only provides an insight into Google Weave protocol, but goes to an extent to show how to create a new product compatible with Google Weave based on Marvell’s MW302 Wi-Fi microcontroller and then describes what does it take to convert the prototype into product.

Key takeaways:

Details of Google Weave Protocol                           


Building a product with Google Weave 


Amey Inamdar

Amey Inamdar has been leading IoT platform software at Marvell Semiconductors. He has been working to support Google Weave, Apple HomeKit and various other IoT ecosystem on Marvell’s Wi-Fi and BLE IoT platforms. He has also worked closely with numerous customers to help them create consumer products based on these ecosystems. He has 14 years of professional experience with a majority of the work in the areas of system programming, networking, and embedded systems.

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