• Ankita KS 

By Ashissh Raichura Ph.D, Founder, Medikell – an IoT Empowered Healthcare

This talk looks at data driven strategies for improving healthcare and saving lives. The talk takes a look at amplifying intelligence with patient data in the quest for personalised medicine. We look at how wearables and other gadgets work here, while predicting adverse drug interactions using machine learning and AI.

  • How AI will grow to help humans understand their own body better
  • Why one medicine works for all humans when our body itself is different
  • How overdose of medicine affects the human body

Speaker profile

Ashissh Raichura                                                                                                   

Ashissh Raichura is a veteran techie and serial entrepreneur with over 23 years of diverse experience to his name. A double doctorate in Computer Science from Vancouver, he is reputed for setting up a billion dollar business in Canada. He possesses a plethora of knowledge in BigData, Hadoop, Predictive Analysis, Cyber Forensic Analysis and Cyber Crime Investigation. An IoT futurist, Ashissh holds a fondness for medical/health-tech & smart homes and is now developing an extensive external health-care device. A moonshot thinker with a keen mind, he always sets high benchmarks in the sphere of technology.



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