• Ankita KS 

By Mubeen Zukaku, Technology Head, Emertxe
Android Things (formerly known as Brillo) is perfect for developers looking for a turnkey solution for building devices. It provides you with an OS built on the power, ease, and security of Android and certified hardware to get you from prototype to production quickly. Because it’s based on Android, you get access to Android APIs, Google services, and Android developer tools.

This presentation gives you an introduction to Android things platform

Speaker Profile:

Mubeen Jukaku is a versatile technologist and educationalist combined with strong hands-on entrepreneurial experience. Professional experience of 13+ years by working with multiple R & D organizations like Novell Netware, Hewlett-Packard and Emertxe at various capacities. He has deep industry experience in Embedded Linux, Open Source Platform and related technologies. He has successfully contributed to commercial grade products in areas like product architecture, design and customer handling responsibilities. As a keen problem solver Mubeen closely follows technology trends powered by Open Source



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